olivia jones

Content strategist, copywriter and content designer

I’m Olivia

I write fresh, buzzword-free, creative content. I absorb everything there is to know about your business; from regular office visits, working meetings, stakeholder interviews to user research. I do this to write more effective content, based on real life feelings and observations. I craft words based on facts, not assumptions, to give your business an authentic tone of voice.

With over 6 years’ digital experience, you get more for your money working with me. As a consultant or practitioner, I see how content slots into the complete user experience. Always willing to work with design and development teams to make working life easier and ready to deliver quality content for launch.

I’ve worked with…

Content design for NHS Blood and Transplant
Years of working in digital – consulting, writing and managing awesome projects
“Olivia understood the landscape, business culture and needs of each area incredibly quickly and her impact was felt almost immediately” Ben McGuinness, Head of Digital Delivery, NHSBT
For a dose of fresh and unique content, a sprinkling of organisation and a handful of experience – drop me a line and see how I can help you.